Rate My Judge - Hero

Rate My Judge is a public resource for community members, practitioners, public defenders, and others engaged in fighting for justice to provide honest reviews of their day-to-day interactions with LA County Judges and their experiences within a judge’s courtroom.

For far too long, the public has been left in the dark as to what happens inside a judge’s courtroom. Does the judge provide instructions? What is their temperament like? How do they treat defendants, staff, and public defenders?

Now, what was once private will come to light as we promote transparency and accountability via a community-powered and interactive watchdog website. It’s time for judges to get evaluated on their behavior.

Rate My Judge is a platform created by La Defensa, a project of Tides Advocacy, designed and built by Swell Creative Group.

Is there such a thing as a good judge?

A judge acts as the deciding factor between someone and their freedom, which can cost them their custody of their children, their drivers license, their housing. Judges have the discretion and authority to label someone as a threat and a risk, to decide whether to dismiss a charge or not, the length of a person’s sentence, and whether they are charged with sentencing enhancements. Judges determine how many fines and fees people pay, often creating debilitating debt for our community members. Judges also decide the conditions under which a person does time, how long they are on probation, or whether they have access to parole.

As community members, we must shine a spotlight on judges and their behavior. This is where you come in. By using Rate My Judge, you are demanding accountability from judges who are elected or appointed with lengthy terms. Currently, judges have no substantive oversight—we can provide that oversight.

Rate My Judge is a front line of defense against this oppression — we’re so glad you’re here to use the site. We hope you plug in to write your reviews and share this resource with others so they have insight and forewarning about judges who impact our daily lives.